User Story (Example Mapping)

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Download the template (for free)

You can download the Miro template for free below:

More information about Example Mapping

Cucumber has a great article on Example Mapping and how to get started: Introduction to BDD Example Mapping | Cucumber Blog

As an addition to the default post-its from Example Mapping, our team has also added: 

  • A yellow post it for the user story sentence: to describe the goal of the user story.
  • Dark blue post-its reminding us during refinement sessions that we have to discuss about the testing aspect of the user story.
  • Pink post-its which you can refer to as (part of) our definition of ready. These are reminders that we need to answer for every user story; some will be applicable and some will not be relevant for certain user stories. This makes sure we don’t forget to discuss about these topics.


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