Scrum framework
"Scrum is more about behavior than it is about process."


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What is Scrum?

In a (small) nutshell: Scrum is a lightweight framework that is designed to support software development in a complex environment. More and more, Scrum is also being used in complex environments other than software development.

Scrum relies on a few basic principles that are supported by the framework around it. Important principles of Scrum are: working software, self-organizing teams, fast feedback, collaboration with the customer and organization and continuous improvements. 

The Scrum Framework is based upon Empiricism and the Scrum Values.

You can find more information about Scrum and it’s origin on the website of and in the official Scrum Guide.

The Scrum Framework

We go in detail on each element of the Scrum Framework on our blog. You can click on each element below to go to the blog post about that topic:


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