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"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."


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The Scrum Values

The Scrum Values were added to the Scrum Framework in 2016 and were founded by Gunther Verheyen. These values indicate the behaviour that is important for making Scrum a success. Without the adoption of the Scrum Values, it will be very difficult to really do Scrum right.

You can find more information about the Scrum Values below. has also provided a poster with a summary of the Scrum Values.


The Scrum Team has the courage to work on the right thing, and in other words, not build things that nobody wants. Courage also means accepting that things will always change, and that there is no plan that can capture reality and complexity.

The team has courage to accept change, and see it as a source of inspiration. Courage also means being transparent, and having the courage to show the facts as they are. Courage also means holding each other accountable, and taking responsibility yourself. 

The Scrum Team also show courage by making decisions, inspecting and adapting when needed.


The Scrum Team shows focus to work on the things that are important now without being distracted by other work or things that are not (yet) relevant. Working in Sprints allows the team to focus on the current Sprint Goal, without having to think too much about what will be next. 


Commitment is often misunderstood. In Scrum, commitment means that all parties do the best they can, and to be dedicated to the cause of the Scrum Team. To throw this into an example: during the Sprint, the team shows commitment to achieving the Sprint Goal. This means that the team will to its very best to achieve the Sprint Goal. It does not mean that the team ensurres that the Sprint Goal will be met. Commitment means that they will dedicate to achieving the Sprint Goal, even though sometimes the goal will not be met. This is the same as a socces team commiting to winning the game. Even though the team shows dedication and commitment to win, sometimes they will still lose the game.

The members of the Scrum Team are also comitted to working together and collaborating. They are commited to do the best they can, to learn and grow, help each other and support each other. 


In order to be transparent, inspect and adapt, people must respect each other and each others capabilities. People respect their differences, experiences, origins etc… They should also respect each others opinions.

Members of the Scrum Team should also respect that customers change their minds and don’t know everything. They show respect for the organization and stakeholders by not working on stuff that they don’t deem valuable. They also show respect by delivering a high quality product.


Scrum is built upon Transparency, Inspection and Adaption. This included that the team members are open about their work, the progress and the current state of the increment. They are also open for learning, solving problems and feedback. They are open to work together, help each other, and grow together. The team members are also open to change and unpredictability.

This article was based upon the original article of Gunther Verheyen.


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