The ABC of Scrum

Learn the fundamentals of the Scrum Framework.

Scrum sprint increment

The Increment

What is an Increment in Scrum? An increment is a stepping stone towards a (software) product. At the end of a Sprint in Scrum, the ...
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Scrum sprint backlog

Sprint Backlog

What is a Sprint Backlog? The Sprint Backlog is the collection of work items that contain all the work that will be done by the ...
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Scrum product backlog

Product Backlog

"Be stubborn on vision, but flexible on details."
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Scrum framework

Scrum Framework

"Scrum is more about behavior than it is about process."
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Scrum sprint goal

Sprint Goal

“The problem with specifying the method along with the goal is one of diminished control. Provide your people with the objective and let them figure ...
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Scrum team

Scrum Team

Meet the Scrum Team The Scrum Team is a group of professionals that work towards the same goals for a product. A Scrum Team is ...
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Scrum defiinition of done

Definition of Done

What is a Definition of Done? A definition of done is basically the common acceptance criteria for each product backlog item or User Story. The ...
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Scrum empiricism


"A wise man proportions his beliefs to the evidence."
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Scrum values

Scrum Values

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."
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