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The fundamentals of Scrum

Learn all the fundamentals of the Scrum framework here! 

Scrum product backlog

Product Backlog

“Be stubborn on vision, but flexible on details.”

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Scrum team

Scrum Team

Meet the Scrum Team The Scrum Team is a group of professionals that work towards the same goals for a product. A Scrum Team is …

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Scrum defiinition of done

Definition of Done

What is a Definition of Done? A definition of done is basically the common acceptance criteria for each product backlog item or User Story. The …

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Scrum sprint retrospective

Sprint Retrospective

“Strive for continuouos improvement, instead of perfection.”

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Scrum sprint

The Sprint

What is a Sprint in Scrum? The Sprint is the main event and “container” in Scrum. The Sprint is a timeboxed iteration of maximum one …

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Scrum empiricism


“A wise man proportions his beliefs to the evidence.”

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Use our checklist for the Scrum Ceremonies to get started.

Checklist Sprint Planning

Checklist Sprint Planning

Preparation The product backlog is sufficiently refined and up to date so that the work can be selected for the next sprint The entire team …

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Checklist Sprint Retrospective

Checklist Sprint Retrospective

The retrospective contains setting the stage The retrospective contains gathering data The retrospective contains generating insights The team knows the difference between actions and intentions …

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Checklist Daily Scrum Standup

Checklist Daily Scrum

Every team member shares what he did yesterday that brought us closer to achieving the sprint goal Every team member shares what he will be …

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"Scrum - easy to understand, difficult to master."

Tom Abrahams

About Me

Scrum Master, coach, facilitator, teacher and connector.

Tom Abrahams works with teams, individuals and organizations to adopt Scrum and Agile practises into their culture and way of working. He continuously searches for ways to improve the way software is built and delivered via coaching, facilitating, teaching and connecting.

Scrumbeginner server as a vehicle to teach about the Scrum framework, Agile practises and share knowledge with you.

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Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

My Experience

My Scrum journey … until now.

View my journey from Business Analysit to Professional Scrum Master. I’m. continuously learning and growing my knowledge of Scrum, I’m only just getting started.

Connect with me via:


Advanced Scrum Master

Deepening my knowledge and experience on the Scrum framework and related Agile practises. Expanding my understanding on the core of Scrum, the Scrum values, underlying principles and expanding towards facilitating cross-team interactions and the whole organization.


Professional Scrum Product Owner

Improving my coaching and serving skills towards the Product Owner and organization. Confirming my knowledge and experience by passing the PSPO I certification of Scrum.org.


Professional Scrum Master

2018 was all about learning the fundamentals of the Scrum framework. My focus is on serving my Scrum team to optimize the adoption of Scrum within the team. Confirming my knowledge by passing the PSM I certification of Scrum.org.


Starting my journey

After working as a Business Analyst, I started my journey as a Scrum Master 2017.

Retrospective Toolbox

Study our retrospective toolbox. Our formats are free to download and use with your teams!

Scrum sprint retrospective The Perfection Game

Retrospective: The Perfection Game

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

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Scrum sprint retrospective 360 feedback

Retrospective: 360 feedback

The Icebreaker As the icebreaker for the 360 feedback retrospective, I selected a fun and easy icebreaker to get people actively engaged and present in …

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Scrum sprint retrospective Start, Stop, Continue, More, Less

Retrospective: Start, stop, continue, more, less

Start, stop, continue, more, less The start, stop, continue, more, less retrospective format can be used on two ways: Focus on the last sprint Focus …

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Scrum sprint retrospective the perfection game on the sprint planning

Retrospective: The Perfection Game – Themed on the Sprint Planning

Theme: The Sprint Planning This retrospective is themed on the Sprint Planning sessions of a Scrum team. The format “The Perfection Game” fits well in …

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Scrum sprint retrospective New year's resolutions

Retrospective: New year’s resolutions

The New Year’s resolutions retrospective This retrospecitve format is designed for the last retrospective of the year with your team. This is a good time …

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Scrum sprint retrospective MAD SAD GLAD

Retrospective: MAD – SAD – GLAD

Format: MAD – SAD – GLAD MAD – SAD – GLAD is a quick and easy format to use during your sprint retrospective. Is requires …

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